July 13, 2021

Employer Work-Life Support & Flexibility Research Partnership Opportunity: Leadership Development Initiative

We are looking for organizations to partner on an evidence-based leadership development initiative being led by Purdue University and Work Life Help, a start up with National Institutes of Health seed funding.  We are looking for supervisors to participate in work-life and flexibility supportive leadership training in order to advance the science of work-life leadership development.

The initiative is being led by two world renowned work-life experts Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek  and Dr. Leslie B. Hammer who are the founders of  Work Life Help.  

What’s Involved:

  • Identify managers who supervise employee teams to complete 1-2 hours of on-line training at their own pace followed by brief learning activities in winter 2022
  • Identify an individual to partner with us to plan the initiative in the fall
  • Research team will survey managers and employees before and after the training in 2022

Benefits to  your organization:

  • Improved leadership capability to support employees work-life needs, manage flexibility, and increase inclusion
  • Increased employee health, job satisfaction, performance
  • Decreased employee turnover, absenteeism, work-family conflict
  • Early access to cutting-edge training to implement flexibility and  work-life policies (e.g., sick and family leave)  at no cost (fully -funded by  NIH)
  • Obtain insights to advance leadership development priorities and talent management
  • Advance your firm’s flexibility, inclusion, and work-life supportive culture


Please contact Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek at ekossek@purdue.edu to schedule a time to talk with you more about this opportunity, which has no cost and a timeline that can be adapted to your business needs.