November 25, 2016


Work and Life Assessment

Our Work and Life Assessment was designed was designed to help supervisors and employees understand their work and personal life experiences.  This survey is taken as a pre- and post-assessment by both managers and employees as part of our FSST training program.  It can also be utilized as a stand alone assessment for organizations who wish to gauge their work-life culture.

This assessment can be done individually, or as multi-rater feedback such as in manager – subordinate dyads, in teams, or as a diagnostic tool for organizational continuous improvement and coaching on work-life, stress, occupational health, and performance enhancement.

When this assessment is administered to both supervisors and employees, results typically reveal that supervisors and employees have very different views regarding the level of support offered by supervisors. Overall, supervisors see themselves as more supportive than employees do. Our research has found there is a perceptual gap between what supervisors believe they are doing and how employees see them. When we provide this feedback to supervisors, they tend to show increased motivation to learn methods for becoming more supportive of their employees.

Flexstyles: Work Life Types Assessment

Flexstyles is a validated self-assessment that measures an individual’s approach for managing the boundaries between work and personal life. In today’s world of constant access and fast-paced lives, everyone struggles with finding the best way to manage their energy and time. What works well for someone else may not work well for you. Developed in partnership with Ellen Ernst Kossek, Ph.D., Flexstyles: Work Life Type is a self-assessment that measures how you manage the boundaries between work and the rest of your life.

Dr. Kossek’s work, popularized in the book CEO of Me (Kossek & Lautsch, 2008), provides the foundation for understanding the choices and trade-offs related to managing the boundaries between work and family.

We use the term “family” broadly, including traditional family members as well as close friends and others. Identifying your work preferences will help you better understand your approach to managing boundaries and move toward more productive and sustainable ways of managing your time and energy. WorkLife Indicator is not an assessment of your skill, but rather a picture of your behaviors and priorities.

Your Flexstyles: Work Life Type profile is comprised of three factors: Behaviors, Identity, and Control.

  • Behaviors – the degree to which you combine or separate your work from family life
  • Identity – the degree to which you identify with and invest yourself in your work and family roles
  • Control – the degree to which you feel in control of how you manage the boundaries between your work and personal life